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  • Back to the drawing (diagram) board

    A couple of months into technical training for satellite television and the learning is intense.
    . . . Back .2. School . . .
    I am expanding my knowledge beyond design, software, and the years of web development. Understanding networks, and troubleshooting computers, helps with the details of bandwidth, radio frequency, Ghz-Mhz conversions and diagram setups but it's the learning of space, the earth's atmosphere and how signals are transmitted that blows my mind. Like my web development courses, knowing how to perform precise satellite specs can be as challenging as learning another language. The material crosses over to every piece of social media I designed for. I am realizing the world of satellite transmission is no different from the power behind web transmission or branding for design. All mediums serve that need to share messaging, inspire creativity and keep us socially connected. If your are in any of those fields, we are helping to shape and form our culture.
    Never stop expanding your mind.

  • Time well spent  .  .  .  Tick - Tock

    Don't ever let your motivation burnout.
    That is what I think of when applying many hours of pushing my learning to the limit. My website is on going, and I have completed more categories, sub categories, and content.
    Like a full time position, weeks have been 55-60 hrs long. I love reading and discovering how web developing can combine HTML, Keynote, Java, Dreamweaver with my photo manipulation, branding, and design work. My ".we.share" drop-down menu welcomes professional friends to join my site. If you send me your work, or links, I'll be happy to create a page under your category title. Here is an example of what your page and it's navigation will look like
    In time our personal design community will share our work, tips and ideas with more than just friends.
    Talk with you again soon.

  • piece of peace

    . p o e t r y .

    Stand I might,  like a lamppost light,  that beacons the six o’clock fireflies sight.
    Flutter wings,  you wave,  the flow of wind that ripples the night sky
    as the water rings reach our endless horizon.

    I call to our sun, for the present no more, a new day starts  .  .  . opportunity  .  .  . explore,
    the true beat rhythm, consistent moments of time, my heart races fast for a future that’s sublime.

    Your rod and staff secures  .  .  . giving safety and hope  .  .  .
    Your blue night glows sending trickles of dark shadows below,  every cell of my body,
    the bending sycamore tree,  shall tweak,  and splinter,  not break,  I see.  No future?
    the Mother cries blue and green as the droplets fall, to the quiet black night,
    that encircles my energy,  as I stand in might.   It is clear to me,  as is,  black not white.

    ©Mleon . . . 12 - 04 - 2013

  • A, my name is  .  .  .

    . p o e t r y .

    One,  one thousand,  Two,  one thousand,  Three,  one thousand,  Four  .  .  .   
    Five mississippi,  Six mississippi,  Seven miss,  I miss,  I miss,  I wish no more.  

    Tap  .  .  .   Tap  .  .  .   Tap  .  .  .   the rope circles all about. 
    Twist,  Tie,  Knot,  the peace calls me doubt.  

    Tick,  Tock,  Tick,  Tock,  is the only time I hear.  
    For the trumpet sounds  .  .  .   Thee,  Thus,  Thy,  until the day I disssappear.  

    As a hush falls across, the reeds on a plain,
    it’s the weeeping willow that cries and the wind that
    Blows,  and Blows,  and Blows,  the shame.  

    To a  One step,  Two step,  Three step,  Four  .  .  .   
    I hear,  I speak,  I see,  Adore  .  .  .   
    the womb,  its safety,  Abeat,  no more.  

    ©Mleon . . . 12 - 03 - 2013

  • Web Template VS Web Code (ding ding)

    Web Designer? OR a Graphic Designer using someone else’s Web (CMS) Template.
    If I am drag and droppin’ into someone else’s template, I can create a brand look,
    without web programming, but I am not developing the structure of my website design.
    A “web designer”, “web developer”, or “webmaster” understands the power and flexibility
    that web coding (HTML, JavaScript, jQuery etc.) offers. Without code knowledge
    a Graphic Designer, Printer, and Director are at the mercy of the Host they’re using.

    How to decide whether to invest the time to learn or, if you’re a company, hire someone who understand the benefits of code? The decision is similar to “start your own business or work for a business”
    It comes down to how much control and value you want for your website as well as
    how much limitation you’ll place on promoting your brand.

    A template from WordPress, Joomla, or any other hosting company, has a function. Just as the Dollar Store or a supermarket “No Name” Brand serves a need. I’ll purchase something at a $5 Below store not expecting much in quality. This meets my temporary need; however, when I invest in Oakley, Tiffany or Apple I know the quality brand difference and pay for it. Web coding offers a designer, and client, more power with few limits to the high quality. The individual must decide which path best serves their purpose and if that quality is a factor.

    Quality = Value = Security = Longevity. You get what you pay for … What path represents your brand and design decisions? Web Template = Quick N Cheap or Web Code = Quality N Value

  • Ready. Set. Blog.in

    My "gallery" website, www.michaelleon.net, is a work in progress.  So far the shell structure, Div's, index intro, home page, header/footer navigation & user interaction has been developed for a few pages (".ur.@home", ".the.work-brand-events" and "blog.in"). My dropdown menu shows future pages to come.

    I have not advertised yet so if you happened to have come across my "Blog.in" page, note that you can tweet from it, find design agencies to follow as well as available LinkedIn jobs. Hit my share button and a slider, with social links, will appear. Feel free to send my Blog.in link to others.
    I welcome input. Tweet, follow or email me with creative inspiration.

  • Progess. Periodically.

    Always working to progress . Always looking to connect others . Always inspired by creatives
    UR . Always welcome to join.in. with a tweet and share input. I continue to code . develop . design ...
    | my website | compile . organize . network ... years of artwork | check back periodically |

  • Does the web developing
    and troubleshooting ever end?

    10 months into designing, organizing and branding my work and it's within the last 6 months of web development that coding gave me a new appreciation for presentation. I've always been taught to maintain a creative edge, by keeping an open mind and learn from others; however,
    HTML5 - JavaScript - JQuery are individual, complex, languages that challenge the most patient beginner. Once understood, I can now value the powerful design tool each offers.

  • Burning the midnight, 2am,
    "is that the sun?" OIL

    Every artist can relate to the drive that derails you from eating, bathroom breaks and seeing the outside world. I'm amazed by the hours/days that pass and smile with relief when my design just nailed a look that flows or my troubleshooting develops that workable code. Developing my website... Just for my menu nav bar, I am 30hrs in the hole with 6 dropdown versions. Each version has it's own UI design, hovers & code. Finally the smile emerges after a flawless hierarchy design that works perfect!
    Next... tackle a searchbar, a previous/next button, a refresh button, a slideshow box and a share button that contains links to every great social site. How many hours will each take? It's just begun. CHALLENGE!

  • “Any fool can know.
    The point is to understand.”

    Einstein knew German and English, I wonder how well he'd pick up on JavaScript. Months in college has retaught me to settle, take in the info, and allow more time than I'm used to, in order to fully understand web development and coding. It's clear that JQuery is a language onto itself
    and when I master it, HTML will cooperate like a fluent dialogue.

  • Goal Oriented

    As I design it becomes clear... I not only want to use my website to display my work but also to develop a place where my fellow designers, artists, developers, friends and colleagues can exchange thoughts and ideas. I'll design a site that will give the user an experience with slider movement, hyperlink connections, social site sharing and networking.
    My goal is to develop a network community 2Share. 2Influence. 2Learn.

  • TYPEooooooh!

    Look, Style, Creative Design... I always found myself gravitating toward Minimalism, Cubism,
    Neo-Plasticism, and the way people use typography in art. Is it REALLY a typeOoops>... The play on Words, Sarcasm, Irony and a clever Meme = speak 2Me ... There's power in an image but there can also be visual strength, and style, behind the presentation of a word and it's meaning. I will strive to design my site by combining a sense of Minimalism and Geometric style WITH the pLAaaayFuL flow of speech.

  • Do .U. have a look?

    For many years, I created many different brands, each with their own style. An agent asks me
    "What's your style, brand and look? Hmmm, I always had my favorite artists, I remember my art history, and always applied a sense of what I felt gave a client that connection with their audience. What was my most favored approach to design? Sounds simple, but it wasn't until I had to combine years of outside client work, brands and designs that I needed to developed a digital presentation that contained a brand and look I related to. My interactive Keynote presentation is born.

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